Quantum-Safe Infrastructure

TAURIA's post quantum enhanced infrastructure combines HPE's innovative technology with our advanced encryption hardware and software for top-tier data security.

quantum-safe infrastructure Purpose

Enhancing Data Transmission Integrity and Versatility

TAURIA's quantum-safe server versatility extends to safeguarding communications on essential devices, ensuring data transmission integrity for a multitude of applications.

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End-to-End Encryption

Networks are protected by the latest post-quantum technologies, offering the best protection against quantum computer-based threats.

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Fully Secured Data

TAURIA uses encrypted channels to protect data during transmission, preventing unauthorized access or tampering. All stored data is protected with NIST certified algorithms.

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Quantum Chipsets

TAURIA uses a hotspot chip that enables secure data transfer through built-in encryption. It efficiently receives, encrypts, and directs signals, ensuring data security.

QHOTspot availability

How Does the QHotspot Work?

Tested and validated by enterprises, our Qhotspot is fully integrated into the Quantum-Safe Infrastructure and can be used to establish a connection backed up by post-quantum cryptography.

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Access Point

The Qhotspot is a physical location with an access point serving as a gateway to wireless internet access for devices.

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Client Reg Icon

Client Registration

Users must register to access the Qhotspot’s internet and enable device management and authentication.

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VPN Servers

Virtual Private Network servers are crucial in this setup, serving as intermediaries between user devices and their intended websites/services.

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PQC Tunnel Icon

PQC Tunnel

For security and privacy, the Qhotspot creates a protected communication tunnel to VPN servers fortified with Post-Quantum Cryptography.

quantum-safe infrastructure Features

TAURIA HPE Certified Server

Our solution, integrated and manufactured by HPE, is the ideal server for business-critical workloads, in-memory database, data analytics, virtualization, server consolidation, business processing, and general 4S data-intensive applications where data center space and the right performance are paramount.

QCM Secure Communication
QCM Channel Compatibility
quantum-safe infrastructure Features

Quantum Encryption Module (QEM)

TAURIA’s Quantum Encryption Module is a cross platform library created for post-quantum cryptography. This Module integrates products such as the QCS and the QRNG API.

quantum-safe infrastructure Features

Carrier-Grade Accelerated QRNG Board

The rise of Quantum technologies presents an opportunity to revolutionize today's IT infrastructure. Our primary focus is on the heart of datacenters: servers, specifically rackable or blade servers. Our solution introduces Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) onto the core of IT infrastructures.

QCM Secure Communication


Quantum technologies will revolutionize every aspect of human life, offering efficiencies across industries and matching the transformative impact of historical breakthroughs like fire and electricity.

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