It’s simple.
Make your work private, productive, and fun.

TAURIA was designed to give you privacy, productivity, and fun at work, without sacrifices.
No one should have to pick between features or privacy.

The origins of TAURIA

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic thousands of teams were forced into remote work. Existing work tools just weren’t ready for this kind of setup.

Clunky, without privacy, outdated and boring interfaces. Teams needed something better. That’s why TAURIA was founded, to build a tool for remote & hybrid teams that would respect their privacy, make them more productive, and make their work more fun.

Headquartered in Den Haag (The Hague), Holland and with remote team members around the world, we understand hybrid and remote work well and know how to make it better for everyone.

Designed in The Netherlands
& built around the world

We are a remote-first team of people working from around the world.
While headquartered in Holland, and an office in Canada, most of our team work from home in cities around the world.
Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands
Toronto, Canada

Our leaders

Jesse David Thé
Leonardo Thé

Built on strong values

TAURIA was built upon these strong values. We uphold them in everything we do. From ideation to everyday tasks and our product development.
Empower Teams
Privacy is a right
Drive Innovation
Strive for a better future
Create fun experiences
Turn the complex into simple

TAURIA’s privacy guarantee

At TAURIA we believe it’s our duty to preserve your right to privacy, especially at a time where most companies do the opposite. Privacy is a protected right under the UN Declaration of Human Rights and that’s something we are upholding.

We are pioneers of real privacy in online communication through our policies and security technologies.

Only those in your calls can hear what’s being said and see what’s being shown. We believe that no service provider should be allowed or be able to eavesdrop on your meetings, that’s an unethical violation of your privacy. With TAURIA you never need to worry about that, It’s your meeting, your conversations, your data.

You own your data. It’s that simple.

Our Technology Ensures your Privacy & Security

To guarantee your privacy and security we deploy all the most advanced and cutting-edge security technologies and standards.
Advanced Encryption Standard 256
AES-256, is unbreakable by brute force attacks, making it the strongest encryption standard. This is the same technology used by governments and militaries around the world.
Quantum Resistance
We employ Quantum Resistant cryptographic protocols, this ensure that even with the potential future breakthrough in Quantum Super Computers your data will still be secure.
Zero-Knowledge Cryptography
In security, zero-knowledge means that your data is being secured in a way which the app developer can not know. What this means is when you have End-2-End Encrypted Rooms its impossible for anyone other than you and the participants in that call to access the meeting.
Transport Layer Security
TLS is the industry standard cryptographic protocol that provides communications security. The cryptographic protocol provides privacy, integrity and authenticity for you while you are using the app.

Come join the team that’s striving for a better future

We are always looking for talented and passionate people from anywhere in the world. Send us your resume and tell us what you think you can bring to our mission!
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